New Custom Home - Client

“I had contacted Avvio Fine Homes because of several recommendations from trusted trades in the industry.

Upon our first meeting, immediately I was impressed by Paul and Vince’s organization, knowledge and passion afforded to me as their client.  Avvio’s site management, attention to detail, and knowledge of design, build and trades was clearly evident and proven throughout the duration of my project.

Avvio’s dedication to the build and commitment to scheduling is truly professional.  Vince has a keen ability to troubleshoot and identify any and all issues/ deficiencies and mitigate them. 

Avvio prioritizes customer service and client satisfaction throughout and after completion with a substantial Tarion warranty.  I highly recommend their quality of workmanship.”

New Custom Home - Homeowner

“Avvio is great to work with. Paul and Vince are helpful & attentive every step of the way. They know every bit of the house. They also provide professional service and advice after the purchase.

We love our house and would recommend Avvio.”

New Custom Home - Client

“One of the main things that I can say is that it is great to work with people who know what they are doing. Vincent’s design was exactly what we wanted. And because he designed the home, he knows it very well and was able to make quick changes during construction that satisfied our requests as well as the Ontario Building Code.

Avvio’s knowledge showed when they were able to request the necessary details from the contractors when they were quoting, and then Avvio was able to efficiently break down the contractor quotes so that we could easily compare. This saved time for us and the project.

Vincent always knew what he was doing and what we needed to discuss or decide for upcoming project details. Their paperwork management is very good. All signed contracts or permits can be found very quickly whenever they were needed. And they care about construction safety on the jobsite, throughout the project. This reduces the potential risk and is good for everyone.

Vincent and Paul are really hardworking people and they care about the details of the home. They built us a quality home and we are very happy with this. Their after-sales service is also very good and they solve issues quickly. I am able to recommend them if you are looking for a company that designs and builds great custom homes!”

New Custom Home - Homeowner

“My wife and I bought the home from Avvio Fine Homes in 2015 after looking for a new home in the North York Area. We were impressed with the quality of finishes and the design style – inside and out. The quality was above other homes in the area, even the more expensive homes, and the design was timeless but fresh and new. The large stainless steel fridge in the kitchen and large master walk-in closet were both impressive features! And it included a Tarion Warranty, which other new homes in the area usually did not, which also made this home stand out from the rest.

Vince and Paul were very helpful in showing us the features of the home as well as answering questions after we moved in. They are very knowledgeable and professional. We also trusted them enough to design and build another home for us, though we ended up needing to sell the property before we started construction. I would definitely recommend them to design and build your new home!”