Avvio (Italian) /avˈvio/

Noun              start, beginning 

Verb               to get under way

Avvio Fine Homes

Verb              Design Build, Project Management, Development

           Adjective       Professional, trustworthy, responsible, passionate, dedicated, values your business

Excited for your new beginning and honoured to work with you

Tarion-licensed builder, BILD member

An Avvio-built home

           Noun            Throughout the Greater Toronto Area

           Adjective      Quality, distinguished, elegant, functional, energy efficient, sanctuary, prized possession




Your Needs


You are looking for a new home in the Greater Toronto Area but are not impressed by the offerings of big builders in subdivisions. 


You prefer upgraded quality finishes and would like more control over the design and layout of your future home. 


You want your home to be customized for you. 


You want to live closer to the City. 


You want to work with a professional builder, one that will build a quality home in a timeframe that is reasonable and on-budget. 


You want a builder that knows of legal, insurance, building, and safety rules, regulations and duties, and follows them. 


You don’t want a builder that hides in the shadows.



Our Solutions

Design Build

Avvio Fine Homes designs and builds quality custom homes in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Avvio uses its Design Build Process to meet agreed-upon expectations, including project budget, completion date, and communication.  You can determine how much control you would like over the process.  The design phase of the process features professional architectural designs, which are created by our own designer and Partner Vincent Gambino, or by leading architects and designers.  In either case, Avvio will manage the design phase in order to ensure that your vision comes to life. 

Avvio is Tarion-registered and therefore licensed to build new homes in Ontario.  Every Avvio-built home will come with a Tarion Warranty.

Contact us if you want to build the home of your dreams.

Project Management

We recognize the importance in your life of building a home, and the need to ensure that the project is executed to meet that standard.  A poorly managed build can result in a long project turnaround, exceeding the budget, worker injury and insurance risks, corners being cut, warranty repairs and the lack of peace of mind and frustration that comes with all of the above.

If you have a design for your new home, Avvio Fine Homes offers the following Project Management services:  budgeting, material & finish selection, permitting, contract tendering & administration, scheduling, site management, and quality control.


Contact us if you are interested in our Centre Ave. Collection of homes for sale in the Willowdale area of North York.

Also contact us if you are looking to buy land for the purpose of building a new custom home or if you are looking to sell land that may or may not have an existing dwelling.

Avvio Fine Homes specializes in infill development; taking land that was previously used for residential or other uses, and transforming it into residential serviced land and/or homes for sale. 


Avvio is led by:

Vincent Gambino

Vincent is a business and construction professional that is responsible for Avvio’s Design, Project Management, Client Service and Construction activities.  Vincent’s experience, his sense of responsibility and his passion for building homes will ensure that your project is designed and executed to his high standards of quality and client service.

Vincent has a Diploma in Architectural Technology and his professional experience and knowledge includes business management, custom home design and construction, CAD design, municipal bylaws and application processes, job scheduling, project management, sales, client service, purchasing and quality control.

Paul Gambino, CPA, CA

Paul is a business professional that is responsible for Avvio’s Administration, Business Development, Marketing, Regulatory, HR, Finance and Accounting functions.  Paul’s knowledge and experience will ensure that Avvio Fine Homes is a strong organization, one that is able to carry out its promises to you, our valued clients.

Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Chartered Accountant.  His professional experience and knowledge includes business management and administration, finance and accounting, marketing, risk management, HR, health and safety and other regulatory, management software, project management, job scheduling and client service.