How to Keep Your Project On-Track

Custom Home projects are notorious for going off-track. Timelines can extend by months or even years depending on the circumstances. In our last blog “How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?”, we described how we manage timelines so we can guarantee your move-in date. You also play a key role in meeting deadlines, so here’s some advice for you.


Be realistic, start early

Start with a realistic goal, one that has input from reputable pros. Most clients tell us that they want it completed as soon as possible, but inevitably “life” happens, which causes delays in making decisions. Be careful who you listen to, and be sure to get into the details of what timelines they are estimating, whether it be a friend or family that has done this in the past, or another builder that is trying to make themselves sound more appealing with unrealistically quick timelines. We do not sacrifice quality or service for speed, and our experience has taught us what it takes to design a bespoke home, obtain approvals, plan and build.


Engage us early

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Get us involved from the start, even if you would like to directly hire an architect or architectural designer, so that we can provide input in order to manage the timeline and ensure that the design considers construction – especially high performance building – and your budget. When we are engaged early in the process, we can increase our leverage when negotiating with trades and suppliers well in advance of the construction start date, which would result in a lower price for to you.

“Remember, it is a marathon – not a sprint”

Plan for success

A well-thought-out design and detailed construction drawings provide certainty during the build and gives you the best chance of having a great experience. Professionals with low fees will not be able to give you the attention to produce the detail required for the job to run smoothly, resulting in delays, errors and higher costs to produce revisions or construction changes.


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Decisions, decisions, decisions…can you make them?

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There are what seems to be an endless amount, so you need to be honest with yourself in terms of how quickly you can make them and what help you need to get there. There is nothing wrong with supplementing your knowledge and vision with that of the pros, our interior designer partners are here to help, and we encourage this! The more selections you can make prior to the construction contract, the better, so we can guarantee the price for these items.


Be flexible

If you need to make changes to the design or aspects of construction or finishes, expect that there will be a delay. Or if there are supply chain issues, be open to changing a selection to a comparable one. We will always provide guidance on alternatives and equivalents and explain the differences between them – features, price and timing.


Communicate and accept advice

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These projects are long, so it is crucial to have open communication with your builder, and prioritize the advice of experienced professionals over others that have done this just one time, or possibly never. Not only do we have regular meetings with our clients, but we make ourselves available for questions as they arise.


These tips will help you to start the project with realistic expectations and keep it on track until you move in – timelines, budget and quality – so you can enjoy those holidays and gatherings that you’ve been looking forward to with family and friends.

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