Respecting Communities and Giving Back


Respect for the communities in which we work is at the core of what we do at Avvio Fine Homes.  We appreciate that the community will be impacted by our work and ensure that it is respected.  This begins with discussing our expectations and standards with potential clients and trades, and visiting neighbours to discuss and obtain feedback on proposed projects.  It continues throughout the job by maintaining a clean worksite, enforcing health & safety best practices, building quality homes that are above building code standards and providing a Tarion Warranty for the benefit of current and future homeowners.  We follow the rules and don’t hide in the shadows.

As individuals, some of our best memories and friendships have come from volunteering or by participating in the community, such as sports teams, faith groups and charities.  This also provides perspective, serving as a great reminder of the importance of community and being part of something greater than ourselves.  So when we were asked by the North York General Foundation to help support the North York General Hospital, we were grateful and excited for the opportunity to give back and help the community where we started our business and continue to work.  We saw a need to be filled in the community hospital for items like new and replacement equipment, technology advancements and upgrades, and began by sponsoring their Masters Golf Tournament.  This event has now completed 29 annual tournaments and has raised over $5,000,000!  We have witnessed the generosity of the participants that donated for costly new equipment as well as those that donated gifts for the silent auction.  We then were on board to sponsor their newest event, the Rally in the Ravine, a 5k Run/Walk with 1K Garden Walk and Kids’ Mini Rally that takes place on the hospital site and surrounding trail.  This event was a tremendous success, raising over $170,000 and bringing together the entire community and many volunteers on the beautiful hospital grounds!

We are again sponsoring the Rally in the Ravine, with registration closing on Wednesday Sept 25 at noon.  To register or donate:

Saturday September 28, 2019 – Rain or shine
North York General campus and the surrounding Betty Sutherland Trail, 4001 Leslie St. Toronto, ON M2K 1E1

We are working hard and planning to be building homes for decades to come and would consider ourselves very fortunate to be in a position to continue to help the community.


At Avvio Fine Homes, we’re dedicated to turning your dream home into a reality, without the headaches and hassles often associated with custom builds. Our obsessive design-build process prioritizes your vision, ensuring a seamless experience that culminates in the home of your dreams – on time, on budget, and without compromise. From initial consultation to final walkthrough, we’re with you every step of the way, providing expert guidance and unwavering support.

Let us transform your dream into a stunning reality – book a Discovery Session today to begin your journey in building your dream home.

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