How To Get A Custom Home

That Is Genuinely Energy Star or Net Zero

Designed And Built With Meticulous Attention To Detail To Be Elegantly Functional, Healthy,
Supremely Comfortable (All Year Round), And Measurably Energy Efficient

  • Every Detail Custom Designed To Be Functional, Elegant, and Energy Efficient

  • Honest, Transparent, Fixed Pricing With No Surprises So You Can Plan With Certainty

  • Designed, Constructed, And Delivered On Time And On Budget -- Guaranteed

  • Energy Certification with Independent Testing and Verification for Ultimate Peace of Mind

How To Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted In A Home (Including Net Zero Energy Efficiency)

Like most Greater Toronto residents looking to build a custom home, you’ve no doubt been collecting ideas for some time. Dreaming about the design.
Researching options.

Now’s your chance to bring it all together in the exact, custom home you’ve always wanted. A precise floor plan that suits the way your family lives. Functional elements for comfort and convenience. Luxuries that make your everyday life a little more special. All built with supreme attention to detail to look stunning, last a lifetime, and to achieve Energy Star or CHBA Net Zero energy certification standards that…

  • Produces as much clean renewable energy as it consumes (in a Net Zero home), minimizing your households environmental footprint
  • Uses 20% less energy in Energy Star new homes (or up to 80% for Net Zero) compared to homes built at base building code standards
  • Reduce your utility bills, falling to an all-time low and stay low all year round with Net Zero
  • Increases the value of your home (as they’re generally regarded by consumers as better built homes)
  • Prevents drafts, provides consistent temperatures throughout, and filters indoor air to reduce allergens and asthma triggers including dust, pollen and outdoor air pollution
  • Are tightly built and super-insulated, making it quieter (outside noise such as traffic, lawnmowers and barking dogs are virtually silenced with Net Zero)
  • Is more durable since is built to higher standards than conventional new homes
  • Are designed and constructed to be up to 80% more efficient, so the heating only uses as little as 25% of your home’s energy consumption in Net Zero homes (down by half), preserving natural resources for future generations
  • Is Controllable from the use of advanced ventilation and mechanical systems

Bottom line: this all adds up to a better living experience with the ultimate in comfort and health. Make no mistake, our homes are in a class of their own, and bring together energy efficiency, quality construction and home technology to give you exceptional value where your family will feel great all year, in every part of the house.

Now, you may also have some questions and concerns. After all, building a custom high-performing home is a significant investment in both time and money.

Dream Or Disappointment? How To Make Sure Your Custom Home Meets Your Every Expectation (And More)

Building a custom, high-performance home involves many important decisions. None more so than who you choose as your builder. Sadly, not every Greater Toronto resident is happy with their builder (or their finished home). Like many people looking to build an energy-efficient home in Greater Toronto, perhaps you’re also…

custom house plans

Concerned your home may look good at first glance but have underlying issues

(Caused by shortcuts, subpar materials, and incompetent workmanship)… and want a builder you can trust to make your home structurally solid and flawlessly finished.

custom house plans

Worried that building a ‘green’, energy efficient home will cost more...

And want a builder with the knowledge and experience to design and deliver a high-performance home without the corresponding price tag.

custom house plans

Concerned your design and selections won’t match…

And want a builder with a keen eye for design details to ensure your home is functional and beautiful.

custom house plans

Afraid your high-performance home won’t be worth it…

And want a builder with the knowledge and experience to deliver a home that provides measurable savings and year-round comfort.

custom house plans

Nervous about using different parties (including architects, designers, and builders)…

And want a builder who can handle everything to ensure the design delivers on your vision and is practical to build.

How We Help Greater Toronto Residents Get The High-Performance Home You’ve Always Wanted

Over the past 10+ years we’ve helped more than 10 Greater Toronto residents design and build their dream home with:

Net Zero homes Toronto
  • Comfortable internal temperature that is stable all year round
  • A fresh air machine which means more healthy, filtered air (that’s clean and free from mould-inducing moisture, allergens and asthma triggers).
  • Mechanical ventilation for total comfort control
  • Quiet, peaceful environment -- shielded from outside and room to room
  • Energy Star or Net zero for the ultimate in sustainability and environmental responsibility to improve the quality of life for future generations
  • Genuine energy efficiency for measurable savings of power and natural resources, reducing wasted heat or air conditioning
  • Clean and renewable energy generation from solar panels for Net Zero homes
  • Functional design and luxurious features
  • Solid and durable structure with flawless finishes

All delivered with:

  • Honest, transparent, fixed pricing with no hidden extras or surprises

  • True concierge service including thoughtful, constant communication

  • Guaranteed start and finish dates so you can plan your life with certainty

The Tests That Prove Your Home Really Is Energy Efficient (Or Not)

Energy efficiency is not subjective. It’s measurable. There are two methods we use:

Measurement Method #1: The Blower Door Test

This test measures the air changes per hour in your home. In other words, it tells you how much your home ‘leaks’ air.

A ‘leaky’ house that has uncontrolled air movement (drafts) can account for 30-50% of heat loss - and even more in winter. A Blower Door Test will tell us how much air is entering or escaping from your home.

This is one of the few performance tests on homes, and far better than  local government inspections which are just visual observations. As some testing is performed during the construction process, we can correct any leakage we wouldn’t ordinarily have seen.

Measurement Method #2: The EnerGuide Rating

You’ll also receive an EnerGuide rating, label and report, prepared by an energy evaluator approved by Natural Resources Canada.

"This Gives You a Rating of Your Home’s Energy Consumption Measured in Gigajoules Per Year "

The lower the number on the scale, the better the energy performance of the home.

The scale includes a comparison to a benchmark, typical new home. The label includes the renewal energy produced on site, as well as a breakdown of energy consumption by source: oil, electricity and gas.

It also shows your home's greenhouse gas emissions and the proportion of energy consumed by space heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water, lights and appliances.

This information will help you better understand your home’s energy performance, which may help you lower your energy use.

Investments you make in energy efficiency at the construction stage will pay off in lower energy bills, with the label being proof of the improved performance versus typical new homes. The label is an official record of your home’s energy performance, and may help increase its resale value.

That’s why we say our homes are measurably energy efficient. Because they quite literally are.

More Reasons Why Greater Toronto Homeowners, Choose Avvio Fine Homes

There are more than 100 builders in Greater Toronto. Most appear to have similar qualifications, experience, and prices. Some even claim to be high-performance home specialists. So it can be difficult to choose the right builder for your dream home – especially when there is so much at stake.

Here are some of the things we do differently to other custom home builders in Greater Toronto to ensure you get the exact home you want:

Design your dream house

Independently Certified Energy Efficiency

Although many builders claim to be high-performance home specialists, most do not have the knowledge, experience, or (sadly) the integrity to meet the high standards of a truly energy efficient home. They simply overcharge you for so-called energy efficient building materials (which they install incorrectly) that offer little or no measurable benefit.

  • Our process begins with Modelling Software that optimizes your house design for maximum energy efficiency. Then we choose the right building products (triple-pane windows, high-rated insulation, air and vapour barriers), systems (heat pumps, fresh air system (ERV), heat pump water heaters, drain water heat recovery) and fixtures and appliances (water and energy efficient). And we install everything with supreme attention to detail to ensure a tight building envelope with no gaps or thermal bridges to allow heat transfer.
  • For net zero homes, we also add clean and renewable energy generation like solar panels and even batteries to store power.
  • This is all independently inspected and certified so you can be sure you are getting the premium standards you are paying for. Standards that you and your family will experience every day with increased comfort and energy savings.
Design your dream house

Honest, Transparent, Fixed Price
With No Surprises

Too many builders (and their commission salespeople) attract you with low estimates  and digitally altered images. Or their Project Managers arrange inflated prices with suppliers so they can get generous ‘kick backs’ on their cost plus contracts. Then, after you sign a contract (that is often scant on detail), you discover all the expensive extras that you thought were included, no contractual dollar limit on the costs or a definition of what a “cost” even is. Things like earthworks, engineering, interior design, landscaping, driveway, fencing, and selection upgrades that can add tens of thousands to the final price. 

  • Our comprehensive contracts list everything in detail so know exactly what you’re getting. And our prices are honest, fully transparent, fixed - so you can ensure there’s no unexpected costs.
  • We take time to walk you through your comprehensive contract (that details absolutely everything) so you know precisely what you are getting and what the investment is, with no surprises.
Design Builder

True Concierge Service

When building a new home, it’s natural for friends to ask how everything is going. There’s nothing worse than having to tell them you don’t know because your builder doesn’t keep you updated (and often doesn’t even return phone calls and emails).

  • When you choose the Avvio team, you’ll enjoy being part of the building process. Firstly, you’ll have direct access to the owners. We book times to service you with regular meetings to keep you fully informed on the progress of your home (what’s just happened and what’s coming up). And you’ll even be able to login to our Building Management Platform and view the calendar, schedule, tasks, financials and progress photos. This total transparency gives you confidence and empowers you to enjoy your building experience.
Design Builder

Expert Advice – No Cost, No Obligation

Whether you’re ready to build or still in the planning stages, we’d be glad to share our 10+ years of experience to help you get the custom high-performance home you want.

Design your dream house

Everything Designed Especially For You

Most builders (even those who call themselves ‘custom’ builders) attempt to make a generic design fit your needs. But this always involves compromises. And expensive modifications.

  • We don’t force you and your family to fit your life into a pre-set house plan. We create every detail especially for you. A floorplan that suits the way you live. Functional features for comfort and convenience. And luxuries that make every day a little more special.
Custom home builder Toronto

Guaranteed Start And Finish Times

Too many Greater Toronto residents get caught out believing their builder’s verbal timelines, only to be let down (often by months of delays). Then they have to try to extend their temporary accommodation (often at great expense) and pay thousands extra in rent. Not to mention the upheaval and stress on their family.

  • We have the people, processes, and planning to deliver on time, every time. Before we pick up a tool, we place the required orders so your first-choice selections are ready onsite when needed. And we schedule all trades, so our A-grade craftspeople are booked in perfect sequence. With our proven process, your home will be built efficiently, affordably, and on time, so you can plan your life with certainty.
Design your dream house

Exceptional Workmanship And Building Materials

In a hurry to get to the next job, too many builders cut corners and make mistakes, or just ignore you and choose the other job to finish. Then they have to come back to fix these things (or cover them with plaster and paint). This leaves a trail of defects you feel frustrated (and embarrassed) about every time you see them. 

  • We provide our tradespeople with the time and quality materials to complete their work with precision and pride. Everything is executed with the utmost attention to detail. Done right the first time. Your home may not be the most expensive in your neighbourhood. But it will most certainly be the most structurally solid and flawlessly finished. When it’s completed, we will all feel proud about what we have created together.
Design Builder

Fully Licensed, Insured, And Covered By Our Risk-Free Tarion Warranty

With strict guidelines governing the building industry, you’d think all builders would deliver similar results. But you only need to look at all the building complaints online to see that’s not the case. We are constantly shocked by the things we see including delays, defects, blown budgets, unfinished projects, and even builders without licenses, insurance, and warranties.

  • You can be assured we are fully HCRA licensed, provide a warranty backed by Tarion, insured, and financially secure. We stand behind our work (and our clients) – today and tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say

Over the past 10+ years we’ve had the privilege of helping discerning Greater Toronto families get the luxurious, functional, energy-efficient home they’ve always wanted. Here’s what some of them say about their experience with our team:

Design Builder

We also feel the fresh air in our new home and its energy efficiency with our energy bills being half the cost per square foot as our old home.

Ian and Marina

Energy Star certified homes

We feel the difference as our new home is very quiet and comfortable because our original home had many drafts and inconsistent temperatures.

Ian and Marina

Design Builder

We know Avvio have built a house that will last, and one that we are proud to call home.

Earl and Lai In

Design your dream house

The home is very well built and has excellent workmanship. After owning the home for several years, I have not had one single issue with the construction.


custom house plans

They built us a quality home and we are very happy with this. 

Leo and Yolanda

Design Builder

The quality was above other homes in the area, even the more expensive homes.


Design Builder

…we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Our home has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the dedicated team at Avvio Fine Homes.

Clara and Tony

Design Builder

They took the original design and optimized it to meet Energy Star standards with a result that achieved certification and far exceeded the standard where testing documents indicated excellent air tightness results and EnerGuide energy consumption rating.

Ian and Marina

High performance homes

Vince and Paul were very helpful in showing us the features of the home as well as answering questions after we moved in. 


Design Builder

Vince has a keen ability to troubleshoot and identify any and all issues/ deficiencies and mitigate them. 


Your Next No-Obligation Step To Get A High-Performance Custom Home That Is Genuinely Certified Energy Star or Net Zero

Researching building options online is confusing and often even misleading. At the very best, it will lead you down a rabbit hole that devours hours and hours of your time. And worse, it could lead you to make expensive decisions you may regret.

The quickest, easiest, and surest way to get the information you need (including answers to all your questions) is with a Free Discovery Session during which we will:

  • Help you clarity and refine your ideas so you can move forward with more confidence
  • Give you a breakdown of building costs and timeframes (and feedback on your budget with a preliminary price estimate for your initial plans)
  • Show you common design and construction mistakes that undermine the energy efficiency and comfort of your home while needlessly increasing the costs (and how to get better results for less)
  • Explore ways the team at Avvio Fine Homes can help you get the exact high-performance home you want – elegantly functional, supremely comfortable, and measurably energy efficient

Please be assured, your Discovery Session will not be a sales appointment in disguise. On the contrary, the owners of Avvio Fine Homes will share their 10+ years of experience without any pressure or obligation - and we can cover a lot of ground in a short consultation.

When the time is right, we’d naturally love to work with you in designing and building your high-performance home. But in any case, we’re glad to help you with this Free Discovery Session, so you can get off to the right start in planning and building your custom home in Greater Toronto.

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