Step 1

Initial Conversation

In order to better understand your goals for your new home and how we can help you reach them, we'll ask you a number of questions.

Step 2

Preliminary Planning

You have the chance to meet with us, tour a home that is now being built, and go behind the scenes. During the one-hour consultation, you can talk about your design needs, block specifics, wish list items, and projected budget.

Step 3

In-Office Consultation

You will have the chance to ask us any questions you may have on the construction process, and you will also be able to visit a completed home of ours. You may see the level of construction and inclusions that we provide to all of our clients by visiting this genuine home, which was built for real clients.

Step 4

Building Agreement

In the event that construction-ready architectural drawings have not yet been created, the agreement will also include engineering design, a site inspection, a BASIX report, several specialized reports, and surveys. Each of the studies gives us a thorough view and enables us to account for all anticipated expenditures to give you a thorough, fixed price tender proposal for the construction of your new home. The tender, which specifies every component of your house, is at least 50 pages long.

Step 5

Contract & Deposit

After the final fixed-price tender is accepted, we will create the Home building contract and any other necessary paperwork. We will set up a meeting between you and us so that you may sign all of the paperwork and ask any questions you may have.

Step 6


As soon as construction starts, our representative and the site supervisor will meet with you on a regular basis to provide updates. Through our online project management system, you will have full access to your very own client portal, where you will be able to follow the construction of your home around the clock. You will frequently be invited to your home's critical stage inspections throughout the construction process.

Step 7


Prior to handover, you will receive a thorough walkthrough. You have the chance to voice any worries you may have now. You will meet personally with our representative and the supervisor on the day of handover so they can give you the keys and show you around your lovely new house from top to bottom.

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