Over the past 10+ years, the team at Avvio Fine Homes led by brothers Vincent and Paul Gambino has designed, managed, constructed, and delivered Italian-quality high-performance homes for dozens of discerning Greater Toronto families. See some of these projects below for photos of the result, to learn more about each project and even what the homeowner had to say after moving into their home!

For your project, our innovative design process ensures you get the exact floorplan, features, and finishes you want – all delivered in a high-performance home with exceptional workmanship so your home is structurally solid, durable, flawlessly finished, genuinely energy efficient and supremely comfortable all year round. And our planning and systems ensure that your home is completed on time and on budget with no surprises.

Hear Our Expert Insights for Yourself with a One-on-One Conversation

We understand that this is a major project for you and your family, and that the amount of information and decisions required can be overwhelming. That is why we advise that you book an appointment and get informed.

Many homeowners like you have told us that they wish they had contacted us earlier because we cleared up their questions and eliminated uncertainties that allowed them to easier make a decision.

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