• 3100 sq. ft.

  • 5 baths

  • 4 + 1 beds

Architectural Design: Peggy Chiu Architect Inc.
Interior Finish Selection Consultation: Avvio Fine Homes
High Performance Building Design Optimization: Avvio Fine Homes, Building Knowledge Canada Inc.
Energy Star Certification, EnerGuide Rating: Building Knowledge Canada Inc.

What’s Interesting:

A high performance home with solid construction, finely crafted finishes, exceptional energy performance and enhanced comfort. A healthier home for our clients that is independently tested with an Energy Star Certification, EnerGuide Rating and backed by a Tarion Warranty.

EnerGuide Rating: 63 Gigajoules Total Yearly Energy consumption (47% less than a typical new home)

Air Tightness per Blower Door Test: 0.83 ACH (equivalent to an 80% smaller hole in your house than a typical new home)

Stained white oak kitchen cabinetry, nesting hallway doors with hidden hinges, walk-in bathtub in primary ensuite, and a skylight with remote powered shade. Elevator, Whole Home Back-up Natural Gas Generator. ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) and an additional flush mounted Ductless heater and air conditioner for primary bedroom with Heat Pump.

1.5” exterior EPS insulation (above grade), 2” XPS exterior insulation (below grade), rockwool insulation throughout, “Smart” variable perm vapour barrier throughout.

more to come…

Project LH Video Series: How We Built This Custom Home To Use 46% Less Energy!

You may be in the same position as our clients before they decided to build a custom home: living in an old, cramped, drafty home with a questionable structure.

The Homeowner’s Testimonial:

Design-build process

My wife and I had a plan to construct a custom-built home since 2013 and such newly built home shall be our home for retirement. After several rounds of interview and screening, we nominated Avvio Fine Homes as our builder. Avvio Fine Homes demolished our original side-split house and built a new custom home. My wife has been in the real estate business over 35 years and we did set a very high standard for our dream home. Avvio did manage to exceed our high expectations and standards. When we started the project, the home’s structure and foundation were our biggest concern because our original house had settlement issues. Avvio designed a very special re-enforcement work to solidify the foundation. We are confident that the new house is built upon a solid foundation thanks to Avvio’s skills and earnest effort. Avvio also kept us updated on the challenges and progress during construction. They have perfected the custom building process which included great communication throughout the project. Vincent, Paul and their team were organized, professional and very patient.

Avvio is very knowledgeable about construction details and have provided very constructive way to improve the Architect’s design. They took the original design and optimized it to meet Energy Star standards with a result that achieved certification and far exceeded the standard where testing documents indicated excellent air tightness results and EnerGuide energy consumption rating. We feel the difference as our new home is very quiet and comfortable because our original home had many drafts and inconsistent temperatures. We also feel the fresh air in our new home and its energy efficiency with our energy bills being half the cost per square foot as our old home. Our new home has low operating costs and low maintenance, and we feel safe with the security enhancements that Avvio provided based on our requests.

We always had trust that our investment was safe in their hands. They stuck to their fixed price guarantee during a period when construction and material cost had been rising rapidly. We were also confident that they would provide a quality home and the first thing that struck us when we were handed the keys was that the finishes have great workmanship. They made the process easy including guiding our interior design decisions with their experience and knowledge. They have been very responsive to our questions after moving in and we feel confident that we have a Tarion Warranty.

Thanks Avvio again for fulfilling our dream on our forever home! You made our project a success and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking to build a custom home.

Ian and Marina

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